Upcoming Events:

  • Next Match: September 16th v Denham CC (12:30 Start)
  • Wayward and Memorial Cricket Ground, Cheapside Lane , Denham, Bucks, Uxbridge, Buckinghamshire , UB9 5AE

Welcome to the Goodwill Wanderers.

Founded by a group of friends in 1992, the Goodwill Wanderers quickly changed from a rag-tag darts team playing cricket to a fanatical cricket team who occasionlly played darts. The Club is still mostly social in nature and makes no claim to be anything than weak-medium most weeks. Due to lethargy, lack of cash and some terrible past experiences the Club plays no home matches but is happy to travel to most areas in or around the London/Watford region. A social club with laid-back values, the Goodwill are always looking for new players. If you play for the love of the game, enjoy the banter on the field and don't always know the right shot to play, why not give us a try?

Recent News...

Congratulations to new Skipper Ranjan Sen and huge thanks to Oliver Sayers for having led to Club to the current successful status. An almost full schedule has been planned, so if you still have a blank space in your calendar, please contact us and we'll try and accommodate you.

Other Stuff:
Check here for records achieved or upcoming :
  • Oliver Sayers needs 53  for 1500 career runs
  • Colin Correa became the 3rd player to reach 200 matches
  • Chris Cashman reached 1200 career runs
  • Gareth Hughes requires 4 catches to be the 1st player to reach 150 career

A strong start to the season, despite the results, shows the winter nets bearing fruit.  Even when behind the Goodwill fought back, sometimes falling short but going down fighting.  The weather swings caused some issues (though the heat was nothing compared to the 100F temperatures I was teaching vehicle rescue in last Sunday) but in the end was merely another obstacle to overcome.     Upgrading the website is ongoing, I will get there eventually.  The MJA Award formula has been tweaked once more - this time to remove an anomaly where bowlers could be deducted points for a poor performance. 

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